In issue 02 of GRAPHITE, Yrgane Ramon creates an illustration inspired by the Norse god Odin. Here’s how the artist presents the final drawing to its best effect.

“Here, Odin is worried. Maybe by what his raven is saying, maybe by the strange fog, or maybe by something in front of him. The ravens are his brain, and are designed like machines. The wolves are more real; one is checking horizon, and the other looks to Odin to understand what is happening or to feel reassured. Something is happening and we are living it with them. What kind of danger could a god be worried about?”

“To protect my work, I frame it in an old picture frame I found at a flea market. I find it interesting to keep my rough sketch close to it.”

“The best tip I can share here is: be curious and have fun. To fail is a great way to evolve. Trying is always better than fear of failure. One question I like to ask myself, even for a tiny illustration, is

“Does it tell something?”

To see the brilliant step-by-step creation of this image, check out issue 02 of GRAPHITE magazine.

To see more of Yrgane’s artwork, visit her website.


Artwork ©  Yrgane Ramon