We speak to Jens Maria Weber about his art and inspirations, and explore exciting works from his portfolio

What is your artistic background?

After high school I studied German and English literature, but changed to graphic design and arts later on. I was very much into fantasy and other things not too popular in the nineties, but they kept me drawing. After that I learned the studio trade as an employee in Hamburg, and how artistic work is maintained under business conditions. I have been freelancing as an illustrator and creative consultant now for fifteen years.

Who or what are your big inspirations?

I’d rather make a list here: prose, poetry, the beauty of rituals, the marvels of science, hidden possibilities and meanings – the things that other people just overlook. You want names? All these artists did just this and let me see it: Lynch, Turner, Menzel, Lovecraft, Meyerink, Doré, and Ian Miller, to name just a few artists and writers who were not hampered by the conventionalism of their respective time.

What themes, techniques, and materials do you like to explore in your artwork?

I am a sketching man, starting with pencil and paper. I use them for chewing on an idea until I see what would be an appropriate manifestation of it. Drawing or graphic art in my opinion is quite sufficient to transport power to the viewer. It is instant; it is direct contact with the essence without mediating it with other, more finessed techniques.

Proper drawing eventually leads to transcending the phenomena of simple appearance. Once it has left the plane of superficial depiction, it becomes a tool for perception.

What is one valuable piece of advice that you’d offer to aspiring artists?

Strive for quality. And go get a couple of heroes. To have inspiring idols or self-chosen godfathers or mothers is a good thing for all of us who travel on that trackless plain called an artistic career. This goes for your method of work, expression and way of articulation as well as a guideline for career decisions, inspiration, or just exemplary boldness.

Get a network of colleagues as well. Keep in contact with your friends who went on to be doctors, lawyers or real estate brokers. Some day, they’ll need your help.

Jens Maria Weber is a graphic designer, illustrator, and sculptor born and based in Germany. Visit his website for more artwork.