Behind every great publication is a great team that makes everything possible. GRAPHITE magazine has such a team. They are excited to source the very best artistic and illustrative content, from a wide variety of backgrounds and media, to give you content that is as beautiful as it is beneficial. The inspirational art feeds through to the design team who allow it to influence and shape the way that the magazine looks and feels, ensuring the magazine is as beautifully crafted as the work portrayed within its pages. Here's what they have to say...


As an editor and artist, what excites you most about working on GRAPHITE?

It’s always exciting to talk to other creative people about their work, what makes them tick, and how they overcome problems. You might feel like you’re struggling in isolation, but you realise that everyone goes through similar experiences, even with wildly different artwork or career paths. I learn a lot from reading artists’ interviews and tutorials as they come in – they really get my mind working! From an editor’s point of view, I’m enjoying the challenge of finding contributors, curating all that content, and trying to give the text a consistent quality and flavour.

What sets GRAPHITE apart?

I think it’s a great hybrid idea, not quite like other art magazines. It’s got a coffee-table style but it’s not just about looks or novelty. It offers personal insights and anecdotes about life as an artist, but it’s also full of practical techniques and guidance to apply to your own artwork. It has a focus on traditional media, pencils and pens on paper, and also on the exciting sketching stages of people’s work that you don’t always get to see.

"I am absolutely thrilled to be included in this first issue of GRAPHITE. It’s great to see all the interest that is still out there for traditional media, and I think GRAPHITE will be a great resource for all sorts of creators who want to spend some time getting their hands dirty with art" – Jerel Dye


As Studio Manager and Project Overseer, what excites you most about GRAPHITE and its potential?

I consider GRAPHITE to be pioneering. We all love high quality coffee table magazines because of the feel, design appeal and contemporary content, but this aesthetic doesn’t always transfer well to the tutorial based art books that we usually make and know so well. However, we thought that we could bring the best of both worlds together to come up with an original magazine project that is both article and tutorial based, but maintaining the luxury feel of a timeless collectors magazine. Although this has been a challenge, it has been really worthwhile as the end results are both really attractive and massively inspiring and educational.

Marisa (the editor) has done an amazing job at balancing the content so that we can show tutorials and articles by fantastic well-known established artists, alongside almost unknown but incredibly talented artists from around the world. As a reader this means the range and depth of insight you receive is really unparalleled, and the quality of art on show is really diverse and breathtaking.

Potentially, this could be the first of a new era of magazines focussed on entertaining and instructing its audience, while also inspiring them and adding to their existing skillset. To me this is really exciting.


As a designer, what excites you most about working on GRAPHITE?

Having previously worked on digital magazines, having the chance to work on a print magazine has been a lot of fun. The wide range of styles and quality of artwork has made my job very easy!

How does GRAPHITE differ from your usual assignments?

GRAPHITE has given me the chance to be more creative, and with each article being so different I get the opportunity to come up with new ideas and layout designs each time.

"What excites me the most about GRAPHITE is the potential for both established and up and coming artists to have a sleek and tactile stage to share their work and techniques. While the internet is an amazing tool for sharing, there's just nothing quite like print when it comes to making artwork really sing."

– Contributing artist Matthew Filipkowski


You’re proofing the magazine – are you enjoying the articles?

I don’t have an artistic background, but as a writer who appreciates creativity, I’m really enjoying the enthusiasm and passion on show between these pages. The contributors evidently love their art; they are skilled both with the brush (or pen… or pencil… or pitchfork) and have a real knack for explaining their processes and inspirations. The interviews are thought-provoking and the tutorials are informative. I’m sure anyone with even the slightest hint of a creative bone in their body would get something positive from GRAPHITE.


How do you foresee GRAPHITE growing over the years?

GRAPHITE is aimed at those interested in urban sketching, concept art and illustration, but these are such broad terms that can be defined in a million different ways, so in future issues of GRAPHITE I would really love to see how we can explore these diverse areas and look at the extremes of how people interpret these fields. As this happens I can see the range of skills and techniques covered in each issue expanding massively, and helping more and more budding artists find their own niche or approach.

We’d love to establish a sizeable readership of art enthusiasts who want to learn and improve their art, but who are also keen to share what they’ve learned. I guess the end game is to make people better artists and help them develop their skills in a field they are clearly passionate about. The more people that do this and the bigger our audience gets, the more we can put back into helping develop artists around the world.

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